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Les Tourelles
de Longueville


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    • Les Tourelles de Longueville is one of the second wines of the property. Named after the turrets that embellish the château, it embodies the charm of the estate.
      The grapes that are used to blend the wine come essentially from the Sainte Anne plot, planted mainly to merlot, giving to it a distinctive personality.
      Les Tourelles de Longueville is an invitation to enter a world of flavour, charm, roundness and sensual delight.
      This wine provides an introduction to the spirit of Pichon Baron and can be enjoyed young or aged in the cellar for 15 years or more.

    • Tasting note

      Les Tourelles de Longueville 2019 has a beautiful, intense, dark colour. Ripe red fruit and black cherry aromas spring up in the bouquet. In the mouth, the attack is soft, juicy, delicate, and melting. The finish is generous on the palate, persistent, subtle, and dense. The tannins are elegant and fresh. The whole is complete, voluminous, balanced, and harmonious.

      Jean-René Matignon - Technical Director - July 2021

      Bottling date: May 25th 2021

    • Vintage conditions

      2019 was marked by a rainy spring and start to June, followed by a hot, dry summer. Cool spring temperatures alleviated the virulence of the mildew, and the year's favourable weather conditions created an environment free from the threat of cryptogamic infection.
      The rapid warming of the soil at the end of winter led to steady and even budburst, with slow growth. Unfortunately, these cool spring conditions were not favourable to flowering and caused moderate coulure, except in our earliest-ripening terroirs.
      The last ten days of June gave way to hot and dry summer weather punctuated by some rain in late July and early August. The sunshine and heat stimulated the fruit aromas of the Cabernets and the concentration of polyphenols in the skins.
      Limited water during ripening accelerated sugar concentration and the breakdown of acids, and increased the grapes' phenolic potential. These conditions were also favourable to the quality of the tannins. Mid-veraison was reached between 4th and 5th August on the early-ripening plots and ended quickly and evenly in mid-August.

      The grapes became particularly rich in mid-September due to the hot, dry conditions, then the first rains in late September weakened the skins and accelerated the harvest. This very welcome moisture stabilised the sugar concentration and allowed us to continue the harvest more serenely. 2019 was characterised by high potential alcohol content and low total acidity (little malic acid).

      The harvest took place from 18th September to 1st October for the Merlot, from 30th September to 11th October for the Cabernet-Sauvignon, on 1st October for the Cabernet Franc and on 4th October for the Petit Verdot.

    • Blend

      68% Merlot, 19% Cabernet-Sauvignon, 8% Cabernet Franc, 5% Petit Verdot

    • Ageing

      70% from barrels of one vintage, 30% in new barrels for 12 months

Les Tourelles de Longueville