Vignobles pibran

The vineyard of Château Pibran

At Château Pibran as at Château Pichon Baron, winegrowing is painstaking and traditional with the continuous aim of improving quality and mastering yields.

Pibran’s planting density is 9,000 vines per hectare. Yield per plot is limited according to age and varietal. Harvesting is done exclusively by hand to bring the grapes to the winery in the best possible condition. Bunches are selected by varietal, vine age and plot.

Château Pibran has always been vinified at Château Pichon Baron to benefit from the most efficient installations: hand harvesting, reception of grapes with rigorous sorting, intra-plot selection, adapted vinification…

The bottling is done by Château Pichon Baron’s team and the storage takes place in the best possible conditions. The character of Château Pibran has always been based on an imposing mineral structure. Our work is to balance this personality to favor the elegant and refined character of the terroir.