The Winemaking Process

Upon arrival at the winemaking facilities, the grapes are placed in vats. Vinification is a key stage which continues the winegrower’s work and reveals the wine’s individual characteristics.

Vinification comprises a complex maceration process of grape skins and pulp.

Fermentation transforms the sugars into alcohol, breaking down the tannins and colours, and drawing out the wine’s aromatic components. Maturation lasts between three and four weeks. A wine’s success depends on the monitoring of the process – on a daily basis – for each vat.

When the wine’s malolactic fermentation is complete, the wine reaches a natural state of equilibrium. The vats are emptied and select portions of the wine are put into barrels.

The wine is aged in barrels in the semi-darkness of the cellars. It is racked every three to four months, using the traditional candle method, to separate the wine from the lees.