• Christian Seely
    Christian Seely joined AXA Millésimes in 1993. He became Managing Director of the group and of Château Pichon Baron in 2001.
  • Daniel Llose
    Daniel LLose is Technical Director of the complete portfolio of AXA Millésimes estates since 1987.
  • Jean-René Matignon
    Jean-René Matignon joined AXA Millésimes in 1985. He has been Château Pichon Baron’s Technical Director since 1987.
  • Joël Dupuy
    Joël Dupuy joined AXA Millésimes in 1984. He is Vineyard Manager since 1987.
  • Alexandra Lebosse
    Alexandra Lebossé joined AXA Millésimes in 1999. She is Assistant Technical Director and Cellar Master since 2007.

A Dedicated Team

The Pichon Baron team is entirely dedicated to its task. An unreserved commitment to the vineyard and to its wines, an unfailing consistency of practice, and a shared striving for excellence are all devoted to the elaboration of wines that are considered among the greatest in the world.