Artisan ciseleur

Care of the Vineyard

The winegrower helps orchestrate nature’s miracle, adapting the work according to each year’s meteorological conditions.

Winegrowing is precise and meticulous and demands rigorous attention to detail. The winegrower is close to the earth protecting and nurturing its plants in order to achieve the highest quality of fruit. This daily care of the vineyard is an essential element in the final quality of the wine that will be revealed in the cellar.

At Château Pichon Baron, winegrowing is painstaking and traditional with the unending aim of improving quality and mastering yields.

Pichon Baron’s planting density is 9,000 vines per hectare. Yield per plot is limited according to age and varietal. Harvesting is done exclusively by hand to bring the grapes to the winery in the best possible condition. Bunches are selected by varietal, vine age and plot. This selection process is of vital importance. It requires a well-trained staff, able to discern the different stages of maturity in the vineyard.